Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving blog… again


It’s been a while since I have written here. The main reason is that it is summer and I was on vacations, and not very keen on sitting in front of the computer.

The other reason is that I have decided to move the blog again. The visibility of this blog unfortunately is not great, even though I think I wrote a few posts which are pretty interesting – so say those who read them :). I made quite a bit of effort to increase the visibility of the blog with great help of Brent Ozar. Unfortunately, the main problem is still practical absence of my posts in the Google search results. This makes my posts life very short and I feel they could do better.

Thankfully Adam Machanic sent me email if I would consider setting up blog on the I must say I found this very rewarding, because bloggers on belong to the finest experts of the SQL Server. I decided to move my blog to, I hope the content I will publish will serve more developers looking for knowledge. So please repoint your RSS readers to my new blog:

See you there!